Chaine de lecture de Tehilim Pour la guérison de Chana Yocheved Avia bat Shifra Chaya, Janice Cohen

Janice Cohen is a very sweet woman who has been dealing with a lot of tzuris for many years. Over the last two years, she sadly lost her Dear Husband and has battled cancer and covid. Janice had a procedure the other day where something went wrong and she now has sepsis. Janice is a good woman that this world needs for many many many more years to come od 120! Janice's situation is serious and needs our prayers. Please keep Chana Yocheved Avia bat Shifra Chaya in mind when davening, lighting your candles, doing any mitzvah and/or just being kind to one another as Janice always is. Please feel free to share this link anywhere that will facilitate more people praying for her. Thank you and Tizku l'Mitzvos.
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  1. Répandez le lien par email, twitter, WhatsApp, Facebook etc.
  2. Chaque personne qui accède au lien, recevra automatiquement un psaume différent du livre.
  3. Chacun peut lire autant de psaume qu'il le désire.
de cette facon la lecture du livre de Tehilim pourra se terminer (meme plusieurs fois) dans un court laps de temps avec la participation d'un plus grand nombre de personnes pour le bonne santé de vos proches.